Wednesday, September 26, 2007


City Girl

Hi hi hi everyone...I've been so slow to update my blog. I think about doing it everyday, but for one reason or another I forget and so the updates lately have been few and far between.

This past weekend I spent a CRAZY weekend in NYC with 6 of my amazing college roomates. We all studied abroad together in Florence, Italy and immediately became soulmates. I'm freaking serious. I only see these girls once a year because we live all over the US, but when we get together its like magic. Let me give you a rundown of the roomies....

Jess (Turkey Weenie): Somehow a lot of our get togethers always seem to be on this gals birthday - She is so amazing, beautiful, funny, and crazy. But has a serious side and is an amazing friend. I feel like she's the one that pulls the whole group together and I love her for it! Oh and she's got a great boyfriend too!

Amy (Amo the Lamo): You never know what crazy thing is going to happen next when Amy's around. She is probably the most spontaneously funny person I have ever met. She loves to laugh and have a great time, but she has a beautiful heart. She works for a nonprofit that builds playgrounds in underprivileged neighborhoods. And she's stinkin HOT and let me borrow a fabulous dress this past weekend!

Kristin (Krissy B): I don't even know where to begin. I met this girl on the plane to Italy and she's not even an "official" roomate, but the second that we met her we knew that we had to adopt her into our little group. She is an amazing friend is always watching out for everyone. She has great style and somehow turned a pair of old pjs into a sexy little dress - Don't ask me how but she did it. And with her gorgeous red hair , how can you not like Krissy??!

Melanie (Smelly Mel): No, she doesn't really smell - I don't know why we settled on that nickname, but we did. Melanie is a tough gal from Jersy with a heart of gold. She loves hard metal, but somehow puts up with all of our girly dance music. If you catch her in the right moment she'll even bust out a dance move or two. Mel just recently bought a house in New Jersy and loves to garden. Oh and she's a great artist too...We all LOVE Melanie and for some reason she loves us too.

Sarah: Umm Sarah never really got a nickname that stuck, but she doesn't really need one. Just saying her name makes us all break out into HUGE grins! Sarah is the craziest mix of ideas, philosophies, passions, ect. You never know what Sarah's knew idea is or where she's moving to next. Literally no idea. Earlier last year I called Sarah and was informed by her mother that she had moved to Switzerland to join a Christian Commune called L'Abri. <--See what I mean? Sarah is absolutely amazing and I wish that she'd move to Texas because I know we'd have a blast. Oh and she's got a smokin hot body! (HOLLA!)

Beth (Bethy): Beth wasn't able to make it to New York this year because she didn't have the money - Want to know why... Umm she was saving for a TRIP AROUND THE WORLD! Yeah you read that right. Anyways, Beth is fantastic and I'm so bummed that she wasn't there because I really need to catch up with her and see what's going on in that girls life.

Sorry that was so long, but these girls are fabulous and those descriptions didn't even begin to do them justice! We had the best time together and I'll hopefully get some pictures put up tomorrow night and tell you more about the trip and everything else that has been going on in my life lately!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kickin It Old Skool

Last night Aaron and I thought it would be fun to invite a friend over, order pizza, and watch a movie. Since I needed to clean up around the apartment, I sent Aaron to Blockbuster. The picture above is the movie that he returned with...."Kickin It Old Skool."

Now in his defense, he had great intentions... see the girl we invited over is an amazing hip hop dancer and Aaron thought that she'd really get into the movie since its all about dancing. Well lets just say there wasn't much to "get into to." It was probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I was a product of the 80's and everything, but I didn't get very many of the jokes and there was only about 5 minutes breakdancing in the whole movie. But, what amazed me the most was how we all just sat there and hoped that it was going to get better.... Oh well, what else is there to do in Waco on a Tuesday night?


Monday, September 17, 2007


Sorry I've been so slow about updating... Things have been pretty normal, but busy. I went to Rockwall yesterday after church and spent the evening with my family. We went down to The Harbour and ate at Glorias (amazing!). Then my parents showed me all of the new shops that are opening up down there. My parents have done a great job getting that place up and running. For those of you that don't know, my parents are real estate developers in Rockwall and their newest project is a wonderful shopping center on Lake Ray Hubbard. There are tons of great restaurants, shops, fountains, a movie theater, Hilton hotel, a lighthouse, and boat docks. So yeah - I'm really proud of them!

After dinner we came back home and just sat outside on the porch and talked for over an hour. I miss the days of just sitting with my parents and just talking. Then my sister and I drove into Dallas and I spent the night at her place. I absolutely love spending time with my family - I wish that I lived just a little bit closer to them, so that I could see them every couple days instead of every couple weeks.

Today I went to a Baptist General Convention meeting and Paul Powell was the speaker (shout out to Truett Seminary) He spoke on the history of Texas Baptists - it was pretty cool. After that I went over to Katharines apartment and spent an hour with her and little Hannah. Yep, my godchild is still as beautiful as ever.

Aaron is telling me to hurry up because he wants me to go with him to the driving range - I like golfing alright, but I only last for about 15 minutes then I'm ready to move on to a more active sport (or at least one that I'm better at!).


Monday, September 10, 2007


Aaron and I at Paliminos with the whole family on Saturday night.

Family Christmas Card can't tell, but I have on my infamous 1 piece!!!!!

Two of the most important men in my life

I'm so glad that I got married - I think this picture represents daily life for me -n - Aaron

Awesome Innertubing!

Here are a few pictures from my life lately. Most of them are from boating with the family on Labor Day. I'll put up a few more tomorrow....

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

So Fresh and So Clean

After realizing that I was giving myself a headache trying to read my blog, I decided to go with something a little more neutral and easy to read. So here it is...the dots. I hope you like the new look - if I receive complaints I can always change it back.

Today has been a great day. I had a 7:00 am meeting with a website designer and even though I was not happy to have a meeting that all worked out in the end because I got to eat breakfast at Panera Bread. Their cinnamon crunch bagels are delicious! Isn't it funny that I think today has been great all because of a cinnamon crunch bagel?? Well, at least it doesn't take much to keep me happy.

Oh, the one negative in my life these days is that I have poison ivy. For those of you that know me well - you're probably laughing. You would think that I worked as a lumberjack in the woods or something because I get poison ivy ALL the time. I was covered in it when Aaron and I went to Spain for our honeymoon. Ughhhh stupid Potter (the cat) gave it to me. He goes off exploring behind our house and he usually brings us back a "nice" surprise: dead lizards, mice, or in this case poison ivy.

Such is life..