Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hooray for the 30th!

Let me tell you all the reasons that I love today....

Numero Uno: I get paid today!!!! Yay, I love having money! Now, don't start to think that I've become overly concerned with getting rich or anything, but I am really excited that its payday here at the WRBN. See this month I spent some big bucks on a semester tanning membership (yes, I know - you don't have to remind me that its bad for me...everyone needs a vice right??) and I had to buy $300 worth of tires for the good ol' Cougar. So, yeah the last 15 days have been kind of tight, but not anymore!

Numero Dos: I got to go by FBC Woodway and hangout with EJ for a little while. She's a very busy woman (she has to get out 1,000 peices of mail by the end of today), but she took some time to chat with me. Oh and I became an official notarty while I was there, so the visit really paid off in the end.

Numero Tres: In a few minutes I get to order new computers for the whole office. Whoohoo for Dell and their magnificently fast desktops and laptops. Oh and I get my very own laptop to tote around all over town --- Yay the computer guy just walked in the door while I was typing that so, I will have to finish this post in a minute ---- Okay, I'm back. So, if your office ever needs new computers or a computer tech guy let me know. David Neibel is awesome! He just saved us $4,000 on new equipment and he uses military talk (ex. He was spelling out my email address to Dell over the phone and this is how he did it: Romeo, Alpha, Cat, Horse, Alpha, Elephant, Love) and thats just my first name! Anyways, it kind of made me giggle

Numero Quatro: I'm hanging out with Baker and Kim Scott tonight. We are ordering pizza and watching Medea's Family Reunion. I love girls nights

Numero Cinco: Its almost Friday...which means A$ and I are headed to Dallas/Rockwall to spend time with family and friends. So far we have bowling and boating planned. Oh and lots of laying out by the pool!

More Tomorrow....

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Obie Trice

Yesterday our poor little puppy, Obie, was hit by a car. Here's what happened: I woke up and let her outside about 7:30 am like I do every morning. Aaron usually brings her back inside when he gets up around 8:30. So, I went to work and figured that yesterday would be like any normal day. Well at 9:00, Aaron opened the back door to let Obie in, but she wasn't there. Since she can jump the fence, Aaron wasn't too worried when he saw that she wasn't in the backyard. He walked outside and started calling for her. Usually she just laying down under our carport - but not yesterday.
After looking all around the house, Aaron jumped in his car and drove up and down our street for like 30 minutes. When he came back he saw Obie laying down in the corner of our carport. Aaron jumped out of the car and started calling Obie because he was going to spank her for running away. He called her for a few seconds, but she was unresponsive. That's when he knew something was wrong. He walked closer and saw that her belly and back legs were covered in blood.
So, Aaron rushed to the vet - on the way there Obie started to go into shock. When they finally got to the vet...the veterinarian discovered that Obie had huge chunks of flesh ripped out of her legs in several spots (we think this is from her being scraped over rocks on the road). In several of the spots you can see all the way down to the bone. She also had a lot of blood in her lungs, so they had to hook her up to a ventilator to help her breathe.
Anyway, they didn't think she was going to make it....BUT she did (thank goodness). They can't really do anything for her besides give her antibiotics. We took her home last night because the vet said there was no purpose leaving her up at his office. They don't have any staff there at night, so if she got worse or died she would at least be in a comfortable "safe" place.
So we brought Obie home yesterday afternoon and let her camp out in our room. We made a pallet on the floor for her, but after we left the room she somehow jumped up on the bed. ***We were really surprised because she literally can't even walk or breath, but she somehow jumped 3 feet up*** Anyways, our bed in now covered in blood and smells awful, but at least Obie's comfortable, right......?
Aaron took Obie back to the vet this morning, so they could start stitching up her wounds and give her some more medicine for her lungs. Good thing we only spent $23 on this dog when we bought her - because we're going to have to shell out the $$$ once we get this vet bill (YIKES!)

Oh and I included a picture of Potter, so that he doesn't feel to left out.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Fairy Godmother

I am officially a GODMOTHER! Hannah Kay Elkins was born this morning at 8:30. Her mother Katharine is one of my very closest friends and I'm so excited for her. She is going to be an amazing mother and I wish that I lived closer, because I want to babysit! I got a text message this morning that had the most beautiful picture of little Hannah. Aaron and I plan on going to Dallas this weekend to see my family, so hopefully we will be able to see her in person (and give her LOTS of gifts). I'm so excited to see what God has in store for the Elkins family - Its going to be amazing!

Oh and PS... Riding the bus isn't as easy as I thought. I actually haven't tried it yet - there's always too many things I have to do in the mornings before work. I guess Aaron was right : )

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Public Transportation

For those of you that don't know - Waco has a very dependable transit system. Now, I have lived in Waco for almost 7 years and I have never been on the bus...I've never even ridden (is ridden a word?) one of those sweet trolleys that cruise around Baylor's campus.

But TOMORROW that is all going to change.

I'm going to become a bus rider. There are several reasons for this: I am tired of the maintenance that my car needs. The Cougar is getting old and today was the last straw. I had to get an oil change and replace two of the tires. Now Aaron says that this is regular maintenance, but I don't care - I'm done with it. Second of all, why not ride the bus. It goes everywhere that I need to go and I'll still have the car at home for emergencies and such. Actually..Aaron and I have THREE vehicles; my car, his car, and the motorcycle. I think that is a bit excessive especially when there is a fourth mode of transportation - The Waco Bus System. Also, I'm helping out the environment. Well, actually maybe not. Have you ever seen the black smoke that comes pouring out the back of those buses? But, I've heard that public transportation is good for the ol' ecosystem, so I'm going to do it. And only costs $30 per month for an unlimited ticket. So, bus riding fits my budget perfectly.

Now some of you (Aaron) may think I'm bluffing. But, I'm not. I have already visited the Waco Bus Station, I have my bus schedule, and I'm ready. Tomorrow morning I will be a the Walmart on I35 waiting for my ride.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Indian Joe

Well as some of you know - MY BLOG IS FAMOUS! Okay, I'm really not that excited about it, but Team Family Love made front page news in Saturday's Tribune Herald. I can't go into many details on here, but I will tell you that Aaron and I were quite surprised when we walked into a gas station on Saturday morning and saw my name and my blog in the paper once again (Whew - being a celebrity is exhausting) If you want a copy of the Waco paper from either Saturday let me know (I might have bought out the whole store)

Today started off pretty normal..just another morning at the CRISIS Center. About ten minutes after I walked in, Indian Joe let loose. Now some of you many know Joe - He's kind of a Waco celebrity. He is a homeless man that takes a lot of pride in his Native American heritage. Sometimes he can be like a sweet ol' grandpa, but other times he can be a little intimidating.. especially since he carries around a 5 inch knife. He is a huge help around the Center - He speaks Spanish fluently, so he translates for us from time to time and also does a lot of the manual labor. In return, we give him as much food and clothing as he wants.

The only problem with Joe is that he is continually talking about the plight of the Indian and how the "white man" is an oppressor. Now, I believe that Joe has a point. Occasionally he gets carried away and will start bashing all races (except of course, his beloved Native Americans). He also bashes Texas, New Yorkers, and a variety of other people...Oh and Bush too. Usually we all just sort of nod and agree with him and eventually he will get quiet. But NOT today! I guess something must have happened earlier this morning, but when he came into the Center he was in an angry mood and looking for a fight. He started yelling about how he hated the blacks, the mexicans, and the white man. How we were all lazy and stealing the Indian's inheritance. He used a few choice words that I won't write on here and made everyone more than a little uncomfortable. Joe also threatened to kill a few of the black men that were in the waiting room and then threatened the man that runs the Center. I was just sitting at the Welcome Desk not knowing what to do. It was more shocking than scary, but it could have been bad.

Thankfully, the director was able to get him settled down and eventually got him out of the Center. I know that Holy Spirit was there keeping everyone calm, because most people (especially the African Americans) would not usually have allowed someone to say such ugly things. Its amazing how God takes care of us on a daily basis. The Crisis Center can be a scary place sometimes, but its also a place where God is at work.

All in all - There is never a normal day at the Operation CRISIS

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Passions = Top 10

I went to Barnes and Noble for lunch today - Yes, I had a date with Harry Potter... And on my way there I started to think about my passions. I mean what are they? I know what I say they are, but does my life really reflect passions? So, I decided to make a Top 10 list of things I want to accomplish by the end of this year. Here they are for your enjoyment - feel free to keep me accountable.

1. Read the Bible from start to finish.

2. Call a family member everyday

3. Write a "just because" note at least once a week

4. Cook something new and exciting one night a week - Yikes!

5. Start taking piano lessons

6. Sing a solo at church

7. Go camping with Aaron

8. Pay off my credit card bill

9. Get up 6:30 to walk for hour

10. Play tennis once a week

Monday, August 13, 2007


Hello Blogging Friends...

Today has been a pretty typical Monday. I started off the morning by hitting the snooze button several times. Jumped out of bed at 7:50 and raced to the CRISIS Center. Hung up two garbage bags full of clothes. Went back home and got dressed in my "work attire." Came to work and read the Waco Tribune Herald looking for mention of any of our churches. Went and got my fingerprints taken (see previous blog). Mailed out some postcards about an upcoming pastors conference. And now I'm talking to you. I kind of like days like today - no worries, no anxiety, no excitement...just kinda cruising along.

After work Aaron and I are heading to the pool - Working full time has turned me kind of pasty. I used to be a sun slave...seriously. Life guarding for 7+ years makes you crave sunlight and chlorine. I used to spend my summers rocking a one piece and reeking of sweat and chlorine. And I loved every minute of it - weird I know.

An interesting thing I learned this weekend...
I used to be a little bit embarrassed by how Aaron and I met. I mean, I still kind of cringe when I think about how "shady" we used to be, but as of this weekend I don't feel quite as bad.

See Aaron and I met my freshman year while I had another boyfriend. I don't want to go into the whole story here, but lets just say that its not exactly the story I want to tell the sweet old lady in church when she asks how we met.

This weekend I talked to TWO ministers who both met their wives in shady ways. One of them met his wife at a frat party. See, another girl was hitting on him and he wanted to get away, so he went up to his "future wife" and started hitting on her instead. The other minister I talked to met his wife over tequila shots at 2:00 in the morning. They were friends that had crushes on each other and so they would hang out all night and talk over tequila.

Now don't get me wrong...I'm not justifying the way Aaron and I met. Its just nice to know that we are not alone in our shady stories. Good thing God changes people!

Rachael "the shadester" Johnson

Thursday, August 9, 2007


So..there is this game going on all over the blogging world. Its sort of like tag and you are supposed to get tagged by someone before you can play..but you know me, I like to be included, so this time I just "tagged" myself.

Hey - I like games, what can I say....

Here are the Rules:
1. Post the rules.
2.List 8 random facts or habits about yourself
3.If you are tagged, you must post the rules and 8 random facts or habits about yourself
4.After you post, tag someone, and let them know they must read your blog for the rules

Random things about me:

1. I love to sleep. Now some of you may think that you like to sleep, but none of you enjoy it as much as I do. I literally JUMP into bed every night with a huge grin on my face and the earlier I get in there the better.

2. I love it when Aaron calls me Little Frizzer, Rach.E. J., RJ, and Beauty Queen. I never had much of a nickname growing up, so I think its great when people make them up for me now.

3. I'm a huge taste tester...Not for free samples or anything. Instead I taste test things that grow out in the wild (berries, mushrooms, leaves, grass) I'm probably going to die from this silly little habit someday, but I mean can a teenie tiny bite really kill you.

4. I'm an akward hug giver. I'm one of those people that likes to give and receive hugs but only if I know you. Its really hard for me to tell whether I should handshake or hug...especially with women because handshakes are sort of akward with women.

5. I am obsessed with my family - I like to hangout with them more than I like hanging out with anybody in the whole world (my family includes Aarons family too)

6. Reading is a passion of mine. My favorite book is Gone With the Wind and I've probably read it about seven times. I'm currently reading the final Harry Potter. I don't feel like spending $30 on the book, so I usually just head over to Barnes and Noble a couple times a week and read it there.

7. I tried to grow a garden - most of the flowers died, but a lone squash plant survived

8. I clap at random times...usually when I get really excited which is all the time. Sometimes I even hop up and down while I'm clapping...yeah I'm really cool

Okay so there are the random facts about me - Tag you are all it!


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Feds on Wed.

Today Aaron and I were supposed to get finger printed by the FBI. They ended up cancelling the appointment, so that means I've got a few more days to try and hide all the shady stuff in my past. Just Kidding - but you never know what they could dig up. I mean Rob and Sara Whittle might really big Rico and Sulena Galvez - Colombian Drug Lords. Actually my dad could never pass for a Colombian anything, but my mom could....see who knows? So, anyways yeah, Aaron and I are going to have an investigation done on our personal history to see if we are fit foster parents. Yikes!!!!

In other news - One of my best friends is getting MARRIED!!!!! Okay, so she actually isn't even engaged, but they did have THE TALK last night. Which means, that they are on the road to marriage. Wow! Besides all my normal prayers, I'm going to start praying for lots of money so that I can go to their fabulous destination wedding. They haven't said that they wanted a destination wedding, but just in case - I better be ready. As of right now, all I can afford is Galveston and I'm not sure if that really counts as a "destination"...its more a litter filled beach that I might be the only one brave enough to get in the water.

That's all I got for today

Peace to my homies....

Oh yeah - Aaron took his Greek final today (Yes - Greek is for Geeks and Aaron)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Town Baby

Aaron and I just got back from a great weekend in Amarillo... I'm not sure that Texas gets any better than Amarillo. Haylie and Chris (my sister in law and now NEW brother in law) got married this weekend at First Baptist Amarillo. It was a weekend full of family, food, bowling, dancing, swimming, and lots of other fun. Oh and a lot of dresses!!!!

FBC Amarillo might be the prettiest baptist church in the history of baptist churches. It was designed by an Austrian prince and is absolutely stunning. Haylie looked absolutely gorgeous, so between her and the church...I don't think there has ever been a prettier wedding or a prettier bride. Aaron officiated the ceremony and I am VERY proud of him. He is such a natural - God really has blessed him with the gift of preaching. It was so cool for him to stand up in a pastoral role in front of his whole hometown!!!

We spent a ton of time with Aaron's family...we don't really get to see them other than holidays and weddings, so it was fun spending an entire weekend with them. I have a new "favorite" family member - Her name is Olya and she is the girlfriend of one of Aaron's cousins. She is from Belarus, but lives in Canada and she is awesome. We had a great time out on the dance floor...When we went to Grahams (classy I know), she even danced in one of the cages - Don't worry, I did not join her for that one.....yikes! This was her first time in America and her first wedding to go to and I'm pretty sure that she loved every minute of it.

Haylie and Chris are now living it up in St. Martin and let tell you that I'm pretty jealous....I hate the real world. I sort of wish that my life was made up of honeymoons and Christmas vacations....