Thursday, July 3, 2008

A few of my favorite things these days...
1. The new Olympic Coke cans
2. Reeces Peanut Butter Cups
3. "Three Cups of Tea" by Greg Mortenson
4. My new diamond and aquamarine necklace that Aaron gave me for our two year anniversary

Ok so my very favorite item on the list is #4, but I really do like the new Coke cans a whole lot ;) I honestly cannot believe that Aaron and I have been married for two years. Some days it feels like we've been together our whole lives and other days it seems like our wedding and honeymoon was just the other day.

Aaron truly is my partner, my love, and the leader of our family. He literally is my best friend and I love spending every second with him. We don't have a lot of friends our age here in Waco, so Aaron and I spend a whole lot of time together - but I wouldn't have it any other way! He is an amazing father, pastor, and husband. He makes me laugh all the time, but he also knows exactly what to say when I need some comforting. Here are just a few things that make me crazy for Aaron.

-He is so good at accents and different voices. If you want to hear an Irishman, a cowboy, Spencer Pratt from the Hills, or Stewie from Family Guy, Aaron is your man. I've noticed that most people's favorite is when he talks like me...sometimes this annoys me but for the most part I enjoy it.
-He eats and drinks the quirkiest things: pimento cheese and chips, poptarts, vanilla diet coke with a splash of regular on top, any flavor doritos, and he loves snickers protien bars (everytime we go grocery shopping...he searches the entire store for his favorite flavor)
-He insists that we watch shows as a family. Currently he's loving Arrested Development on DVD and he'll make me and Chris watch two or three episodes at a time.
-He usually draws while he watches TV and/or movies. He's filled up notebook after notebook with his doodles. I love stealing them and looking at all his pretty pictures and cool designs.
-He wears the dorkiest but most endearing undershirts ever. He buys small undershirts from Walmat and cuts off the sleeves. They don't quite cover his belly, but he likes how they are tight around his neck. He often walks around the house in just his undershirt. Its so funny and weird, but I love him.

I know that I listed mostly silly things that I like about Aaron, but there are so many serious reasons that I love my husband.
PS.. Sorry for the gargantuan picture


the Jennings secede from the South said...

We love Arrested Development, too. Entertaining! Happy Marriage to you!

millie106 said...

I love Aaron too. I remember when I met him for the first time I had no idea he was such an amazing man! I'm so glad you are married to him and I am sure he is equally (if not more) blessed because of your union! Happy anniversary, Rachael Johnson!!