Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Being a Cadet

One of the reasons that I had taken such a long hiatus from the blogging world is that my new job was devouring all of my time and energy. For those of you that don't know, I am a 4th grade Reading and Language Arts teacher at Connally Elementary here in Waco. Its my very first year and although I love it...it's stinking hard sometimes!

My school is on the north side of Waco (in between the tiny town of Elm Mott and the big ol' Walmart in Bellmead). Connally is a really strange mix of all different types of people. The students who feed into Connally are typically low income. We are also EXTREMELY ethnically diverse. It was a huge wake-up call after growing up in Rockwall where everyone looks the same and has at least a couple dollars in the bank.

So much goes on in my classroom every single day that it would be impossible to catch you up on all of it. But here is a list of my top ten loves and hates about teaching:

1. Getting up at the buttcrack of dawn to be at school by 6:30 am.
2. Grading 4th grade writing compositions. They're not so great at writing yet and I can't seem to do anything to fix it.
3. The smell of 22 children after recess on a hot day.
4. Kids who need to call their moms about every little thing.
5. Kids who get mad and still throw crazy temper tantrums.
6. Keeping up with all the paperwork - AHHHH!
7. Trying to do 40 things at once and still stay sane.
8. Rainy days that keep the kids cooped up all day.
9. Giving the kids free time. They are just too loud!
10. Knowing that one of my students is having a rough time at home and not being able to do much about it.

1. Trying to show kids the love of Christ every day. Its hard, but so worth it!
2. All the funny stories that I tell anyone that's even slightly interested.
3. Listening to my students read out loud.
4. When one of my kids finds a book they just love.
5. Monday mornings when the Waco Tribune gets delivered to our class. The kids look like old men and woman with their newspapers open on their desks.
6. Free ice cream day at the cafeteria.
7. All the wonderful teachers who encourage me and give me great advice.
8. When a student sincerely apologizes after doing something wrong.
9. Students that are willing to help each other out.
10. That I think I'm exactly where God wants me to be. It's so good to know that you are doing what you were meant to do.

Go Cadets!


gtown1 said...

Go Cadets :) Who knew that those years I was coaching you and being a Cadet on Friday nights that you would one day be on yourself.
Proud of you sister!
love you too...ej