Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I led the youth group Bible study at church tonight and we talked about an awesome subject: DISCIPLINE.

We talked about how even though leading a disciplined life can be hard at first and sometimes hurts, it really does get easier after a while and turns us into better people. Our Bible verse come from Hebrews. It talked about how our earthly parents discipline us and how that ultimately shows their love for us. So, how much better is it when our God disciplines us? His discipline is life transforming!

It was fun to talk to the youth about this because I know so many of them are at a crucial time of decision making right now (including our little Chris). My favorite part of the whole lesson was when we talked about how every day the choices you make are taking you away or bring you closer to God. And how this creates a momentum in your life. Once you start making choices in one direction, they get easier and easier to make. That's why its so important to make the RIGHT choices. You want your momentum going in that direction.

The last time I'd led the youth Bible study they had been pretty much silent the entire time. No one would talk or answer any questions. Tonight they all talked the entire time. Thank goodness because when Aaron asked me to lead the Bible study I almost said no. I didn't feel like sitting up there with a bunch of moping teenagers that refused to talk. It really was a blessing to get to talk to the group tonight! Praise GOD!

I'm sitting in Aaron's office at church right now waiting for the adult Bible study to let out. Ryan Richardson, our worship leader is practicing in the other room. I can hear him singing "My Redeemer Lives" in the other room. To sum it up: Its a great night to be at church!

Peace and Love,



gtown1 said...

I didnt know Ryan was your worship leader...tell him his Bulldog buddy says hello :)
we are now at...


Forrest & Elizabeth Williams said...

To answer your question.
I know Ryan several ways...

1)we went to Mississippi State University together (Go Dawgs)
2) He and I worked together in Student Life and on several committees together, you know when you were a carefree student :)
3) Kristen and Ryan had Syler a month before Walker and we had Walker on Syler's due date...

goodnight friend!