Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's been a while

Hi friends,

Sorry for the six month hiatus. I wanna catch ya'll up on everything, but I have a feeling that its gonna take a while. So, I'll just start with what I did tonight. I watched my very favorite tv show ever! Please tell me that you've seen the show 17 Kids and Counting on TLC. Everything about the show blows my mind!

For those of you who are not avid viewers, I'll give you a quick summary: A ultra-conservative man and woman in Arkansas decided to have as many children as God would give them. I think they are up to 18 now and the show is about how their family operates. All of the girls wear long dresses / skirts and don't really wear make-up. They are all home schooled and do all kinds of crazy things to help the family save money (Can you imagine how much it would cost to run a family of 18?). My favorite character is the eldest son Josh. He's 20 years old, has never dated, and has never kissed a girl. He's also just like his dad which might not be such a fabulous thing!

Tonight was a special episode where the oldest son, Josh, gets married. Ummm he asked his future wife, Anna, to marry him on her 19th birthday. I think they'd only met like twice before that. She comes from the same type of background, but her family lives in Florida. Anyways poor Anna gets totally surprised with this engagement and then she says "YES". I mean can you believe it. So anyways, Josh and Anna have all kinds of "Christian" rules that they follow during the engagement. When they are together they always have to have a chaperone, they are saving their first kiss for the wedding, and they are trying to "guard their hearts" from each other until the wedding.

I mean I seriously love this show. It's the only show that I actually plan my schedule around. Tonight I told Aaron that I hope our next church is in Arkansas and that their family goes to our church. I just think it would be awesome to meet them and see if they are for real! Aaron and Chris watch the show with me and both of them are stupefied by the way these people behave and the rules that they set for themselves. We've even threatened Chris that we are going to make him turn into one of these uberChristians.

Seriously...check it out!!!!!!!


Rach E. J.


gtown1 said...

Heck yeah sister!
Welcome back to blog world :)
It's good to see you again...and I also was super excited to see what your post was about. I watched it too...I was so ready for it.
The only thing that drives me bananas is their hair--come on girls it's 2009 ....lets get it in gear! Anyway--oh and I have a fun story. I have a friend of a friend blog chick and they live in the same area of Arkansas and saw them at the hospital when they were having their babies at the same huh? :)

love ya R...EJ,

EJ :)

Robin said...

Welcome back to Blog world! Just so you know, I have asked my friend Sarah if she knows you and Aaron like 10 times. I just want her to know you guys I guess.
I also watched the crazy Dugger show last night! I love them too. But, I love Jon and Kate plus 8 more!